Defining a sustainable Distribution model in a changing market

In a converging market between Telecom and IT with shrinking margins on mobile, replacement of fixed telephony by hosted voice and new services as workplace management, Telfort Zakelijk had the need for an updated Distribution Strategy. The time line was short: 8 weeks from zero to proposal. My approach included in- & external analysis (including interviews with business partners, CLV analysis, channel performance analysis and so on), workshops with key stakeholders, alignement with the other brands within KPN Group, business case, impact analysis and implementation plan.

Next to that I was asked to lead the process of defining the 2018 terms & conditions and targets for the business partners.

Telfort Zakelijk office in Venray

Agile working at ING

ING started their agile transformation in 2015 and is now the most advanced bank in this perspective. And successful. McKinsey interviewed the board members responsible for this agile transformation. In 2016 they decided to start the transformation to agile working in their retail branches. By my knowledge the first company who decided to implement agile working into retail.

The assignment was to assess the as-is state of agile working in the retail branches and find the correlation between this and the commercial performance. I was part of a team of The Acceleration Group.

Working @ the best telecom etailer in NL

I started my work as an interim manager at, the best etailer in the telecom market. Not a bad way to start. I advised the board of on commercial planning, campaign management and finding new ways to generate advertising revenue. Next to that I supported the marketing team on implementing budgeting and forecasting. And I even featured in their social campaign 🙂

He is not my son. They just picked the youngest and oldest men in the company :)
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